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Comfy Computing Limited is a family firm based in Leeds, offering a comprehensive web design service, technical internet facilities and help with PC's, both tuition and advice on hardware problems..

We place a lot of emphasis on keeping things simple and doing without jargon or technical terms whenever possible. We don't underestimate our clients' intelligence but we don't expect them to have an in depth understanding of computers. Our name was very carefully chosen.

A story: in the early days of internet access (before broadband) one of our first clients had a floppy disk marked "Easy set up" (or probably e-ze set up) On running the disk the first question was "Do you have a fixed or a dynamic IP address?" 

We won't ask questions like that.

If you think we might be speaking on a similar level, have a look round and give us a ring.

Peter, Sue & Chris Johnson

Tip of The Day

Create virtual CDs Install ISODisk, launch it then insert a commercial disk, click the ‘Create ISO Image from CD-ROM ‘tab and click the disk icon. Give the image file a name and click on Save. Copy the image file to a USB memory key and transfer to a laptop or netbook. Install and run ISODisk on this computer .Click on the open icon next to a drive letter that isn’t in use, select the ISO image and click on Open.