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 A possible major problemThis probably affects you: Heartbleed is a two year old problem just announced to the community and means that many people's passwords may have been compromised.

To quote the BBC "

This week it has emerged that a major security flaw at the heart of the internet may have been exposing users' personal information and passwords to hackers for the past two years.
It is not known how widely the bug has been exploited, if at all, but what is clear is that it is one of the biggest security issues to have faced the internet to date.
Security expert Bruce Schneier described it as "catastrophic". He said: "On the scale of one to 10, this is an 11."


This BBC article is a good summary and you can read it here

What is it, in simple terms?
It's a two year old flaw in some secure system servers.

Is my computer likely to be affected?
It won't affect your computer- it's on the other end of the internet, so the issue is, is that site vulnerable?

What should I do?
Have a look at this simple list to see if any sites you use have been affected: if the site isn't on the list you can use this checker instead click here for checker. (note if you enter a domain we look after on your behalf you should tick the advanced box, as our certificate is shared. This is totally safe)

Can Comfy Computing help me?
Definitely- it's what we do. And to help: there's a 25% discount on our charges until 30th June 2014. If you are a pay monthly client there will be no additional charges.

Should I change my password?
It's a good idea to do this anyway, certainly if the site has been affected as shown on this list.

Anything else to bear in mind?

  • I guess there will be a lot of "phishing" e-mails referring to this explot asking you to re-enter details. Ignore them. Don't click any links. They often look very authentic.
  • Comfy Computing can reset your passwords but as a matter of policy we don't store them.
  • Don't have the same password for everything. I know this is a counsel of perfection, but a good password manager program can help here-I recommend Roboform (no commission!).

We will revise this article as and when more concrete information is available. Or just ring

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