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I have draft articles for topics below which are not quite ready to launch upon an unsuspecting public but I will send the drafts to clients.


  • Menus: Detailed help (published but not fully completed)
  • The Joomla Document Editor
  • Bits of Joomla that don't work
  • What does "Blog" mean in Joomla?


I really welcome suggestion, corrections and requests for new articles.

Please feel free to contact me.

Tip of The Day

Create virtual CDs Install ISODisk, launch it then insert a commercial disk, click the ‘Create ISO Image from CD-ROM ‘tab and click the disk icon. Give the image file a name and click on Save. Copy the image file to a USB memory key and transfer to a laptop or netbook. Install and run ISODisk on this computer .Click on the open icon next to a drive letter that isn’t in use, select the ISO image and click on Open.