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Menus are a crucial part of Joomla: if you only ever modify articles from the front end editor, you need not worry too much about creating new menus, otherwise read on.

First basic point, however wonderful the article that you have created is, users of the website have to be able to bring it up on the screen to read it. This means it needs to appear on a menu somewhere.

If you do not give a category to the article, you will need to create a specific link on a menu, if the article is in a category, it will probably appear automatically by clicking the relevant link.

To explain a little further, Joomla menus can contain a variety of different behaviours depending on choices made when the item on the menu is created. If you go to the menu manager and click on the add item to menu link you can see all these options and these are covered in more depth in the article "Menus in Depth."

You will need to be acquainted with the way the menus on your own website work, the likelihood is that clicking on the main menu will lead you either to a list of articles in a particular category, or to a newspaper type layout which Joomla has chosen very perversely to call a blog.

If the menu item displays a blog then the article you have just written will be displayed at the top, the other articles being displayed in columns below it. Note that all these can be altered: see menus in depth.

If the menu item displays a list of articles or subcategories, the newly created masterpiece will appear at the bottom of the list.

It may be that this is sufficient to get the website working and you may need to go no further. Menus in depth covers menus in much more detail.