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For Administrators and Super Administrators Only

There can be numerous reasons for taking your Joomla site off-line. You don't need to take it off-line to add new articles or change the site however.
The site can only be taken off-line by super administrators or administrators: if you fall into this category, log in to the Back End Administration section.

Click on "global configuration" and then change the "site off-line" option button from no to yes. When you want to bring the site back online simply reverse the procedure.

Within this section of the Administration compliment you can also enter the message showing whilst the site is off-line.

Tip of The Day

Create virtual CDs Install ISODisk, launch it then insert a commercial disk, click the ‘Create ISO Image from CD-ROM ‘tab and click the disk icon. Give the image file a name and click on Save. Copy the image file to a USB memory key and transfer to a laptop or netbook. Install and run ISODisk on this computer .Click on the open icon next to a drive letter that isn’t in use, select the ISO image and click on Open.